Organisation & Management

Organisation & Management

The Cluster governance model comprises:

A General Assembly, the highest body representing the will of the whole of the partners.

A Staff Board, ranging in size from between 8 and 12 members, chosen by the General Assembly to be represented. It will be headed by a rotating president.

An Executive Committee, delegated by the Staff Board and composed of corporate positions such as the President, Vice-President, secretary, and treasurer, including the General Manager. It will ensure an adequate follow-up of the Strategy and the Action Plan.

Organisation & Management

Organisational structure

The General manager will be responsible for the cluster effective functioning and efficient management to the Staff Board and the General Assembly. She/He is part of the Executive Committee.

Executive Committee


President: Mr. Eduardo Costa Cerezuela

Vice-president: Mr. Miguel Ángel Higuera

Treasurer: Mr. José Antonio Domínguez Andreu

Secretary: Mr. José Antonio Gómez López

General Manager: Ms. Alba García Camprubí

Organisation & Management

Staff Board

Enrique Bascuas Barba (ARS ALENDI, S.A.)

Eduardo Costa Cerezuela (PIENSOS COSTA)

José Antonio Domínguez Andreu (CITA)


José Antonio Gómez López (CUARTESA, S.L. – GRUPO JORGE)

Miguel Ángel Jiménez Cacho (UVESA)

Miguel Ángel Higuera (ANPROGAPOR)

Josep María Rodié Domingo (GRUPO VALL COMPANYS)

José Pascual López Nuez (COPISO SORIA S. COOP.)

Salvador Rosado Romero (PORTESA)