Organisation & Management

The Cluster governance model comprises:

A General Assembly, the highest body representing the will of the whole of the partners.

A Staff Board, ranging in size from between 8 and 12 members, chosen by the General Assembly to be represented. It will be headed by a rotating president.

An Executive Committee, delegated by the Staff Board and composed of corporate positions such as the President, Vice-President, secretary, and treasurer, including the General Manager. It will ensure an adequate follow-up of the Strategy and the Action Plan.

Organisational structure

The General manager will be responsible for the cluster effective functioning and efficient management to the Staff Board and the General Assembly. She/He is part of the Executive Committee.

Executive Committee


President: Mr. Eduardo Costa Cerezuela

Vice-president: Mr. Miguel Ángel Higuera

Treasurer: Mr. José Antonio Domínguez Andreu

Secretary: Mr. José Antonio Gómez López

General Manager: Ms. Alba García Camprubí

Staff Board

Enrique Bascuas Barba (ARS ALENDI, S.A.)

Eduardo Costa Cerezuela (PIENSOS COSTA)

José Antonio Domínguez Andreu (CITA)


José Antonio Gómez López (CUARTESA, S.L. – GRUPO JORGE)

Miguel Ángel Jiménez Cacho (UVESA)

Miguel Ángel Higuera (ANPROGAPOR)

Josep María Rodié Domingo (GRUPO VALL COMPANYS)

José Pascual López Nuez (COPISO SORIA S. COOP.)

Salvador Rosado Romero (PORTESA)