Why i+Porc

The importance of the pig industry in Spain

We create I+Porc to improve the competitiveness of the partnered companies through cooperation and innovation, by giving effective responses to the challenges of the sector.


The complementary of the activities of the participating companies along with the promotion of innovation and research will be fundamental tools for i+Porc to increase the productivity and overall sustainability. This collaborative work between the partnered companies and other agents and institutions will let to increase the capacity to see our clients new needs and new technological, commercial or productive possibilities, which will allow to foresee markets demands.


i+Porc tries to position Spanish production at the global forefront to be recognized internationally as a sustainable, dynamic, modern, innovative, efficient, safe, and quality sector.


We create i+Porc to provide access to specialized resources, to promote employment and training of professionals in the sector, to develop R&D programs, to enhance multi-agency and multidisciplinary collaboration by always acting as a coordinator between the industrial partners and the scientific, technical and educational community.


I+Porc is a non-profit association, which works in solidarity with other national entities of the sector such as ANPROGAPOR and INTERPORC. The close collaboration between them is considered essential to address the challenges and threats that the sector has to face, always taking into account sustainability, animal welfare, innovation, efficiency and technification.

The final production of pigs in Spain in 2017 was: 6,894.7 M € (14% of the final agricultural production and 37% of the livestock. 4,249 thousand tons.

Pig production weight over Spain's GDP in 2017: 0.59% (MAPAMA and INE).

335,000 jobs generated by the sector in 2016. 135,000 direct jobs. 200,000 indirect jobs

Number of pigs in Spain in 2017: 30,138 thousand animals (first pig stock in Europe since 2015).

86,600 pig farms in Spain in 2018. (Source: Interporc)

Exports of pig meat from Spain in 2017: 2.17 million tons (51% of the physical volume produced), of which 2/3 to the EU.

Destination of exports: 2/3 to the European Union. 1/3 to the rest of the world; of this third, 85% goes to Asia.